Today starts my journey, and feeble attempt at creating a blog. Here goes nothin’! If any of you know me, you know well and good that I am a technological failure. My 4 year old niece can work my iphone better than me and I am afraid of any program where I actually have to read the directions. In my search for the most “user friendly” blogging platform, most of the reviews voted as the best. And, viola- here I am. I’m still learning how to navigate and I can see it’s going to take me a while before I get the hang of it.  Any links to helpful tutorials would be great!

Today, I’ll be attempting cake pops for my niece’s birthday party this weekend.  I haven’t decided whether to do  a “Frozen” them or Halloween. My amazing friend Amanda makes it look like a cinch- she even creates a little tiered platform for hers, and she promises to guide me through it. While I can bake, I’m more of a cupcake girl and have never made cake pops. Recipe and photos to follow!

While the cake is baking,  I’ll be learning how to use my new camera bundle. (Canon EOS Rebel T3i) While I can appreciate a great iphone photo- it seems I never have the proper lighting or the shot is too grainy- and I inevitably end up using 85 filters. I figure if I’m going to do a blog and post photos of my projects, I better do it right!



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