Inside the studio: Lola’s Holiday Shoot 2014

Lola  cover photo

As my photography journey continues, I’ve decided I need some good lookin’ people to practice on and who better than this little angel? I’ve been working on a small studio in a spare bedroom in my home, and thought I could possibly do some photos with little Miss Lola. Her mother is one of my best friends, and I hadn’t seen any holiday photos of Lola thus far into the season-so, I took the opportunity and asked her momma if I could be the one to do the shoot.

Poor Lola was teething and a little confused as to why we were shaking a stuffed moose, making fart noises and draping her in Christmas lights- but she was a good sport. Bless her little heart! Here are a few photos from the shoot.


Seriously- How adorable is she?!
Seriously- How adorable is she?!
Those baby blues!
Those baby blues!

Lola 2

And last but not least. . . (I thought the one with the garland would be cute for a Christmas card- leaving enough room in between the garland and the baby’s head for some text!)

lola 4

My Next photo-related post will be on some DIY Christmas backdrops. Get ready to have your kitchen table strewn with craft supplies! (Not all of them are shown in this post because I didn’t chose to share any of the photos that included them!) Hopefully I’ll have some more photos of these little holiday babes in which you can see them soon!

So, while I know there is room for improvement, I’m happy considering this is one of my first shoots. (But then again it’s easing photography some one so cute!)

Happy Holiday’s ya patooties!

Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested in photos.


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