GRIND-spiration: It’s glute isolation day!

GRIND Today, forcing myself off the couch is a struggle. I had a long, hard night at work last night, stayed up ’til 4:00 am and then was woken up by apartment fire alarms going off.

I got home, putt on my gym clothes, and decided to surf around for my gym-spiration today (and I ended up cruising around the internet for an hour), but the point is, some times we all need a little inspiration. I saw a quote similar to the one above and thought- “this could apply anywhere!” Sometimes we have to force ourselves to improve. Me especially- so, RIGHT NOW I’m making a list of things I “don’t feel like doing” and making sure I get them done today. I’m sure I’ll thank myself later.

On that note- part of my internet cruise resulted in making up a new routine for today’s workout- I’m really focusing on the glutes today. I’ve been working on a 12 week program, which I can see lots of gains from. I’m lifting more than every, can see lots more definition, and am training my whole body! (I used to refuse to do chest. . .don’t ask, or do I mean whatever, lol!). However, by lifting heaver in my legs, my quads are really growing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of muscular legs. That’s what I’m going for. BUT, I’ve always been athletic and my quads are the one muscle I have that have always been pronounced.

Ok, I’ll go ahead and say they don’t look quite so massive here. Actually, I am ok with this picture, but you can see I’m not flexing and I got them meaty thighs. Let’s call it “athletic”. (Also, pardon the unfinished photo studio! I took this photo when practicing with lighting and a self timer, and thought I could just go ahead and use it for this post.)

Now I am starting to feel like a quad-opotomus. I’m not going to be cutting out  quads completely, just wanting to train the hammies and glutes a little more on one of my leg days now to see if it starts to make a difference.

If you’re wanting to isolate your glutes (and avoid training those quads so much) some good exercises to lay off or go easy on are machine leg curls, leg extension, and leg press.  Here’s today’s booty workout!

week 6, day 38

I hope this helps inspire some of you who want to get that Nikki Nikki Ass. Let me know if you use it  and how your workout goes!

xo Kelli


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