An Extra Rest Day? The Struggle Is Real.

Go squatThis morning I woke up with a headache, and a bit queezy. I was seriously considering skipping my Monday workout.  (However, I worked a double yesterday, and couldn’t use the evening as workout time because I had crab legs, a bottle of wine and “The Walking Dead” calling my name. ) So there was my rest day. Plus, don’t all gym rats know that you should “NEVER SKIP A MONDAY” because it sets your precedent for the rest of the week?  BLA BLA BLA. Ok. I’ll go.

So to motivate myself, I looked through my little stash (don’t laugh- they really do inspire me!0 of fitspo memes and got myself jazzed. ( I may have also cruised the internet for some pictures of nice booties to get motivated too). Plus it’s my fave day- LEG DAY!!! That ass ain’t gonna work itself out! So, gym it is. I may not be able to go 100% today, but at least I will be able to say I did it.

Just a little Monday reminder for you all that even though it’s Monday and it’s going to be a crazy week with the holiday- YOU CAN DO IT! Squeeze your workout in and you’ll be glad you did! I know I will!

Below is my leg workout for the day. DO IT!!! This is week 4 of the fitness challenge I’ve created for myself (and a few of my workout partners). I modeled it after Jamie Eason’s 12 week challenge, but always alter the workout. I like her set up of muscle groups and the schedule gives me a good template to work off of. I’ve been eating healthy, drinking less and working out faithfully. Although I haven’t lost a lot of weight, I can see gains and tell my clothes are fitting differently. One of my biggest struggles is not looking at that number on the scale. Remember, those numbers don’t necessarily mean anything!

week 4, day 22

Now go get ’em! Kells


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