Balsalmic Strip Steak with Blue Cheese Brown Butter Sauce

Balsamic strip steakSo- I hardly ever make steak at home, especially since I work at a fine dining steak house and can get a prime filet anytime I want. But- these pups were on sale at the grocery the other day so I decided to try my hand at cooking a steak on the stove top.

Boyfran likes his steak Pittsburgh style so I went for that, turning up the burner and heating the skillet at high before putting the steak on, trying to achieve that char you can see in the photo. Wait until the butter starts to pop and add a little olive oil. (If you didn’t know what Pittsburgh style is- its when a rare steak may be prepared using a very hot grill, griddle, frying pan, or oven. The high temperature allows the steak to char in a short enough time that the inside remains uncooked.)

Here’s the recipe for the steak marinade and the blue cheese brown butter sauce below.

Balsamic strip steak marinade  Blue Cheese Brown Butter Sauce:

Ok y’all- so this is the easiest sauce I’ve ever made and the boyrfan and friend who tried it kept raving about it. I even dipped my asparagus and potatoes in it. Make extra! You won’t be sorry.

In a skillet, melt:

  •  1 stick of salted butter, heat until butter is popping and turning brown
  • Add 1/4 crumbled blue cheese. Whisk in butter until crumbles melt and incorporate into the butter.

THAT’S IT. How easy is that??!?! Sometimes the simplest dishes are the best. Eat up buttercups!

xo Kelli


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