Hey y’all and welcome to Big Hair and Foodie Fare. . .a geeky girls guide to fitness, beauty, fashion, food and DIY.

I started this blog in an attempt to  harness my creativity ,chronicle my scatter-brained projects, and hold my self accountable for completing one project before I start another. (It’s tough for a girl who can barely finish a load of laundry before she gets distracted with a new Pinterest recipe!)

I have an obsession for trying new foods, shoes, fitness ( some of us girls have to work for that booty!) crafting,  Sci-Fi, and anything with champagne in it. Here, you can expect to see some product reviews, restaurant reviews, new workouts, recipes, “ootds” and some occaissional bathroom humor. (You’re welcome.)

I currently run a small events management company based out of Indianapolis- Hashtag Events Indy.  I also bartend part time and work out of  my home.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

xoxo Kelli


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Loving the Blog and I am so stealing some of these recipes! Probably will be having a kale, egg white omelet tomorrow morning, Well it will end up more kale egg white scrambled, because I always kill my omelets but either way. Thank you!

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